A New Year, A New “It” Color


It’s a new year and along with it is a new Pantone Color of the Year! If you haven’t heard, Marsala is the “it” color for the year. Marsala is an earthy shade with a sophisticated, warm feel and is very versatile! The easiest way to begin incorporating Marsala into your wardrobe is with accessories!

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6 Clever Ways to Organize Your Jewelry

Unorganized Jewlry
If you have a jewelry collection like ours, you may have run into storage problems like we did! If you shove your jewelry in a box, you forget about half the great style you have, plus the chains become a tangled mess!

Displaying your jewelry in a beautiful way, so you can easily see it, will help you rotate your pieces more frequently.  We found 6 clever ways to organize your jewelry on Pinterest that we wanted to share:

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