Outfit Inspiration: Home Decor

Mint Frame

Inspiration comes from many places. When we are talking about fashion, the same applies! Nature is often inspiration to fashion designers as are architectural structures and art. Today, we created the most comfortable summer outfit inspired by a frame we found on Pinterest! The frame has a fresh new coat of paint in a modern color and it has so much charm! It looks like it belongs in a comfortable living room that you’d love to hang out in all day.  The backgroud of white/gray really showcases the mint. We love that combo!

We think this outfit captures that same feeling of charm and comfort:

Abby Shoulder Bag/ Bette Necklace/ Gray Tee Dress/ Mint Sandals

We love the mint hue for summer and mixing it with a gray gives the overall look a very calming feel.  Like the frame, we have added a pop of gold that really stands out against the softness of the gray dress.

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