Accessories Inspired by Nature


Much of the summer season is spent outside.  With many outdoor activities, you get back to nature and appreciate the beauty of it.  Why not use it’s beauty to inspire your summer style?

From flowers to bugs to sea animals, nature inspires style in such a whimsical way.  Here are my favorites from the current Shop Suey Boutique collection:

Shop Suey Boutique nature inspired accesories

Jewel Necklace/Georgeanne Necklace/Kari Bracelet/Apple Necklace/Bonnie Bracelet

Other ways you can “wear nature” include floral or animal prints on your clothing or accessories. You could even go more general and wear a color inspired by a favorite fruit, sunset, ocean or sandy beach.

What is your favorite nature inspiration? How will you wear it this summer?

Contributed by:
Tammy Gibson, editor of A Mom in Red High Heels.  Tammy’s mission is to help women step into their own power to be their most successful selves (hopefully wearing red high heels)! Tammy teaches how-to enhance one’s personal beauty and style to feel more confident. To learn more, visit and get signed up for the weekly VIP newsletter.

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