Spring Awakening: Colored Lace

Spring Lace Dresses from Muse Apparel

Soft lace gets a cool makeover in a variety of bright hues just in time for spring.

April is well underway and the warmer weather isn’t the only indication that spring is in full effect – equal parts romantic and daring, the new rainbow of luxuriously hued lace is rising. From glamorous lace dresses to lace trimmed sweaters, this craze can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

What handbag should you use? Any structured, ladylike style will do!

We recommend our Holly Satchel or Chastity clutch for these lovely dresses.

spring ladylike handbags from Shop Suey Boutique

Will you be wearing lace this spring?  If so, skip the white and cream and opt for bold, beautiful hues!

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