Sunglasses: The Final Step in Style (+ giveaway)


When you are putting together your look, do you think about which pair of sunglasses you’ll wear or do you just toss on whatever is at the bottom of your purse? Or, worse…do you not wear any?

We shouldn’t have to tell you, but will anyway, that sunglasses are a super important part of defying your age! They keep you from squinting and help slow the process of fine lines around the eyes. There is nothing more stylish than fabulous skin that looks younger than it actually is!

In addition to the anti-aging powers they have, sunglasses are simply one of your best accessory options! From tailored work attire to casual weekend wear, a pair of sunnies compliments any look! We can’t help but think the looks shown above would be far less appealing without the fabulous eye wear!

Speaking of fabulous, we have new shades to share! You’ll love these styles! The give a modern day spin to 80’s style sunglasses that we all love!

New sunglasses from Shop Suey Boutique

Fabulous, right? We told you!

We don’t want you to miss out on one the most inexpensive ways to spruce up your style!  Our sunglasses are available in many shapes, colors and patterns!

Shop all our new styles (there are many!) and don’t forget to pick out a few pairs! You can never have too many styles!

givaway, enter to win

Tell us, which pair is your favorite!  We are not kidding! Let’s get social!

Leave a comment on our Facebook wall telling us which pair of our sunglasses you most love!  If you buy a pair, tell us that too and you’ll receive an EXTRA entry to this giveaway (upon confirmation of purchase).

Winner receives our Arrow Bangle, which is one of our most popular sellers! Hot!

Deadline to enter: January 18, 2013 @ 2 PM PST

Recap: pick a fave, tell us on Facebook.  Buy your fave, tell us on Facebook (bonus).  You are entered! Yay!

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*images from Pinterst