Getting Ready for Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday is just a few short days away!  Today is the day to begin to get your mind ready for the big day!

A few tips to get your shopping game on:

  1. Wear comfortable shoes!  Pick a pair that you know you can walk miles in.  That being said, make sure they are stylish.  Tennis shoes are for working out.
  2. Dress with comfort and style in mind.  You are treated better when you dress nice and this is traditionally a day when people are not treated very kindly.  Every little bit helps.  Plus, when you dress so that you feel good about how you look, you have more energy and a better attitude!
  3. Eat a good breakfast, bring along energy bars and drink plenty of water.  Maintaining your energy is key to getting through Black Friday successfully.
  4. Wear a crossbody bag.  This is the best handbag for a busy day of shopping! It keeps your belongings close to you and you are essentially hands-free until you start making your purchases!
  5. Be alert, be very alert!  Especially in the parking lot when you have your hands full.  Thieves count on you being distracted.
  6. Stop in at Shop Suey Boutique!  We open at 7 AM and are offering 50% off everything from 7am to noon!
  7. Shopping online? 30% off EVERYTHING through Monday at midnight PST. Use discount code: BLACK30 (discount code may not be used on sale items)

Be stylish, have fun and be safe!

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