Chic Back-to-School Totes

Back-to-School time has arrived! It’s an exciting time, full of anticipation, new beginnings and of course, SHOPPING!

Get your teen or college-aged girls geared up with fabulous accessories that will not break your budget!  Our selection of totes have been tested and fit books, tablets and school essentials.

So much more chic than a backpack, right?

Back-to-School Handbag essentials:

  • kleenex
  • calculator
  • cellphone (but always turned off during class!)
  • Tinted Lipbalm
  • feminine hygiene
  • extra hair clips
  • brush
  • compact mirror
  • wallet
  • nail file
  • notebook
  • sharp pencils/pens
  • mints
  • Emergency info
  • Emergency cash (not for lattes!)
  • tweezers

Shop all our back-to-school totes and buy the perfect style for your teen!

We know how expensive back-to-school shopping can be!  Let us help you save….use code Shop20 for 20% off your purchase!

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