What’s (still) HOT Now: Colorblocking

Colorblocking continues to be center stage! Our super easy way to acheive this look? A handbag, of course (what other super easy solution could there be??)!

Let us introduce you to our newest members of the colorblock family:

Notice the deeper, richer tones for fall? Aren’t they gorgeous? Gets us all excited for falling leaves and knee-high boots!

1. Danielle Tote: Planning an end of summer getaway? This tote is a great one to own! Lots of room for your vacay essentials and when you return it will work as your office bag and home to your constant companion, your iPad! A multi-tasking genius of a bag!
2. Donna Clutch: This clutch should be named Divine because it is. Love the chevron stripe in bold contrasting colors! So much luxury at such an affordable price!
3. Denise Clutch: Almost as sexy as a beautiful sports car! The sleek design will take your style from 0 to 100 in seconds!
4. Breanna Tote in Red: What a fun shape. Let’s the world know you are not too serious about life but totally serious about style!

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