Easy Steps to Organizing Your Handbag

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We came across this great blog post on how to organize your purse.  We thought there were some great tips and wanted to share!

10 Simple Steps To An Organized Purse

As moms and business women, we are often responsible for “carrying the STUFF.” It is a safe bet that if you ask a complete stranger for an aspirin or a tissue, that she will have it.

Most purses are designed to look good, but are not functional; they get a bit cluttered.

How can this be prevented? Well, in many cases, it cannot. That said, it is important that the “stuff” all has a home or location inside the purse. You must always know where stuff is–especially keys, your phone, and your billfold. You must have a system of where things go, or at least how to locate them.

How can you do this?

1. First dump out your purse and shake it outside. Use a damp cloth to wipe it out

2. Next, inventory your stuff. You really only need one lipstick, not seven.

3. Throw away garbage, receipts, wrappers, and anything else that doesn’t need to be here.

4. Immediately file receipts that you need for tax purposes. (This should be done weekly.)

5. Now look at your purse. Does it have pockets, zippers, or compartments? If so, decide what will go where.

6. Next, compartmentalize. This means that, once you’ve decided what will go where, and you’ve got a lot of extra “stuff” to go in the main part, divide the things remaining into categories: Make-up, First aid, snacks, coupons, business cards (that you give out that aren’t yours), phone, iPad, accessories, to name a few.

7. Use zip-lock bags or inexpensive makeup bags from a drugstore to divide your things by categories.

8. If you switch off bags, and all your “stuff” can’t fit, merely have a place in your closet (a basket or drawer) to dump and store the stuff that doesn’t fit. Then, when you go back to the larger bag, you can put it all back in.

9. If you keep food in your purse, make certain it is in a ziplock bag and fresh.

10. Lastly, make this a weekly event. It is much easier to keep on top of this and it usually only takes of few minutes.

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