3 Resolutions to Help You Look Your Best in 2012

It’s that time of year again…time to make resolutions and this year, we want you to KEEP them!  We’ve come up with 3 that we think will be worth the minimal effort required of you! (Tip: Don’t make your resolutions out of reach, you’ll have a better chance of achieving them!)

3 Resolutions to help you look your best in 2012:

1. Go Beyond Jeans: Instead of keeping your style ultra-casual on weekends (or weekdays if you don’t work outside the home), challenge yourself to dress up just a touch more!  A casual dress or tunic over leggings is actually more comfortable, gives you freedom to move and when paired with fabulous shoes, is very stylish!

2. Pucker Up with Color:  Too many women walk around with bare lips (or those covered in waxy balm). We say, in 2012, go for color! Find your signature shade or mix it up daily, whatever works for your style.  You’ll instantly look more polished and feel ready to take on whatever comes your way! (Yes, the power of cosmetics IS astonishing!)

3. Change Out Your Handbag: If you are still toting the handbag given to you 2 years ago, it’s time to change it up! In fact, we recommend you make a switch at least once per season.  With Shop Suey Boutique’s affordable prices (and frequent sales), there is no reason not to!  We also suggest breaking away from the neutrals! Try a handbag in red, green or pink.  You’ll be liberated!

Happy 2012! We look forward to serving you in the coming year!

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