The Color of the Moment: Moody, Sophisticated, Mysterious

Actress Taylor Momsen know how to wear a black handbag!

Black can be serious and conventional. It can also be mysterious, sexy, and sophisticated. As much as we like to encourage you to explore your handbag options and go for color, there is nothing like the perfect black handbag!

Black can work with most outfits, but if worn with colors are that are too similar, they blend together and your beautiful handbag will be lost in the mix.  Instead, go a shade or two lighter with your outfit and wear bright shoes for a pop of color (like Taylor Momson, above). Black works well with jewel-toned shades of red, blue, raspberry and green as well as brights like turquoise and orange.

Our newest fabulous black handbags are:

1. Celest
2. Laura
3. April
4. Emily

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