Subtly Spooky: Accessories for Halloween Night

Looking for a subtle way to celebrate the festivities on October 31? We know not everyone likes to go all-out with a costume so we’ve put together a list of Shop Suey Boutique accessories to help you go in style while enjoying Halloween:

These guys are not to be messed with! (Cobra Cuff Bracelet)

This wise old owl will keep you company while march through the forest. Whoo Whoo! (Owl Ring- Multi)

You won’t need anything more to have the cutest costume on the block! (Lion Hat)

Beautiful and mysterious, the only time you’ll wear a snake around your wrist (I hope)! (dark snake bangle)

If nothing more, celebrate with the hottest color of the day…

Allison Crossbody

Belinda Satchel

Cassie Satchel

Linda Satchel (A very grown-up trick-or-treat bag, don’t you think?)

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