What To Pair With Alex

Our new Alex handbag is such a favorite celebrity style that we can’t help but give her a little extra attention.  She has many great details, room and style, you simple have to pay attention!  If you look at the celebs in this picture, you’ll see that all of them are super casual:

We think Alex deserves better.  Give her some love and wear an outfit that compliments her Über cool style (I mean, look at that texture! Those studs!).  Here’s what we recommend:

The look is casual cool, comfortable and yet the jeans and tee look is elevated 100x by adding fabulous accessories!

Alex Handbag (also available in brown and gray)
Gold Aviators (also available in silver)
Gold Jacinda Cuff
Hot heels, jeans and tee can be purchased through ShopStyle.com

Don’t leave Alex feeling like an everyday handbag, make the effort to look fabulous to match her look and feel!

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