Guest Post: Four Beauty Bag Must-Haves

Shop Suey Boutique's Missy Clutch makes a great on-the-go makeup bag

I am DWJ and I run the Art of Accessories and am a part of the Shop Suey Society. I’m guest blogging today to talk about another one of my favorite accessories: MAKEUP!

I definitely consider makeup to be an accessory. It isn’t essential but man can it make a big impact on your overall look. So I thought I’d share with the Shop Suey blog readers a few of my beauty essentials that I think make a big impact on your beauty look.

Primer: I believe before I even begin putting on makeup, I need to start with a great base. I am a believer in L’Oreal’s Studio Secrets Primer. Whether you’re wearing it under makeup or just to even out your tone and texture of your skin, this primer is a beauty bag must have. It saved me from having a makeup meltdown at a July outdoor wedding last year and I’ve been buying 2 at a time ever since. Seriously, this is a beauty staple.

Lip Service
A statement lip: Whether it is red, orange, pink or purple I truly believe every woman needs that one shade of lipstick that makes you feel like you are amazing. Bold color on the lips can be transformative and I love suggesting every woman find the perfect shade of red lipstick. My favorite red that seems to be almost universally flattering is MAC’s Ruby Woo. It’s a true red shade that is also a matte texture so it definitely gives you that Mad Men pout. Every friend I’ve given a tube of Ruby Woo has told me it has changed their lives.
NYX Cosmetics
Blush: There are days when I don’t wear much makeup but I always have on blush. Always. That subtle flush of color in the cheeks really does wake up your complexion. It can even make you appear to be glowing from within, so why not find a gorgeously flushed pink to pop up your complexion. I am actually a huge fan of NYX Cosmetics blushes (I’m obsessed with their cream blush in Orange), they’re vivid in the package but sheer and gorgeous on the skin. Did I also mention they’re only $6? Yeah they’re so inexpensive you can experiment with several colors.

Mascara: If you like eye shadow, liner or nothing at all, do your eyes a favor and find the perfect mascara. For me, I’m in love with 2 mascaras. I either grab Bare Escentual’s Buxom Lash mascara or L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes. These are my high and low and they both give me great results, meaning I’m asked if I’m wearing false lashes. Yeah, they both make my lashes look inky black, long and full. I love them both.

So those are my four beauty bag must haves, what are your favorites?

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