Comic-Con Inspired Fashion

Photo by: Jerod Harris/Getty Images

In fashion news, we bring you the fun costumes and get-ups from Comic-Con 2011.  Yahoo Shine! shares 8 Rules of Style at the Superfan Convention (check their website for all the pictures!):

Rule 1: Go Big or go home
Rule 2: Neon is the new black. And the old black. In fact there is no black, just neon.
Rule 3: Please take your centaur costume very seriously
Rule 4: Wonder Woman never goes out of style
Rule 5: It’s never too hot for a full body, heat-conducting bird suit. Man up.
Rule 6: Weird bikinis with head-pieces are considered corporate casual
Rule 7: Never break character, even if your character is nondescript face-paint guy
And, our favorite…
Rule 8: Kids will always look cooler than adults in their costumes

Photo by: Jerod Harris/Getty Images

To see the real fashion on the celebrities that showed up to enjoy Comic-Con, visit

Our super hero get-up? These Shop Suey accessories:

  • A cross-body bag because superheros need to be “hands free” at all times!

Go ahead, be the super hero in your life!  We’ve got the accessories to dress you for the part!  You’ll have to find the cape somewhere else…!

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