Pack To Perfection

We are right in the middle of travel season and perhaps you are frustrated with packing. Don’t fret, guest blogger Lindsey Holder from Savvy Assistant knows a few tips from her travels to help us learn to pack to perfection!

Pack to perfection!

Traveling efficient & light is key to a great trip. Nothing ruins it more than being bogged down with bulky items and spending too much time packing! Packing to perfection takes work, but once you have your system down it is as easy as can be. Here are a few tips to lighten your load:

  • Use a thin garment bag to store your dresses & hanging items. Put 2-3 dresses per hanger to save room. Once you arrive at your destination, hang your garments immediately and fluff them out to discourage wrinkles.
  • For the rest of your items, I cube it! Magellan makes amazing cube organizers to store your clothes, undergarments, p.j.’s, bathing suits, belts, extra socks, etc. Another great reason to “cube” it & NOT use the roll method? Anytime you need something out of your cube, you can pull only that one cube & not have to re-pack your entire suitcase.
  • Protect those shoes! My shoes go into shoe bags to protect them from scuffing AND it’s easy to pull out of your suitcase. Wal-mart now has a great small travel section for the accessories that will keep you organized. I have their shoe protector bags in pink!
  • Keep your toiletry bag packed at all times. Keep all bottles clear & use a label maker for easy viewing. If you prefer not to keep your lotions & potions stored all the time, no worries. At least keep the empty bottle in the toiletry bag so you won’t even have to think about what you need. Just fill it up when ready!
  • Organize your jewelry! I use Pouchee’s travel pouch (easy to hang up) for earrings & necklaces and use a round pouch for storing bulky rings & cuff bracelets. Their site states coming soon, but I called them when I wanted one and they had a few for purchase.

The next time you travel, use these methods for easy, breezy packing & spend more time sightseeing!

About Lindsey:

Lindsey has learned these most excellent packing tips from her extensive traveling. She is used to being on tour & hopping on a plane at a moment’s notice when she assisted three Grammy winning entertainers.

Lindsey is also one of Remington’s National Style Ambassadors, contributing to their daily blog at

For more info. on Lindsey and tidbits on travel, organization & style, visit her blog The Savvy Assistant, on or on Twitter: @savvyassistants.

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