Meet Miss Lilly Cat

We don’t know if you’ve noticed but there is a cat inside the handbag of Suzy Shopper, our Shop Suey logo girl.

We, at Shop Suey, adore our furry friends and we’d like to introduce you to our seriously savvy (if not a bit snobby) cat, Miss Lilly Cat (also known as Feffernoose which is a German Christmas cookie!).  Miss Lilly has impeccable taste and she refuses to give the time of day to anything not up to her stylish standards. We thought it was time Miss Lilly had a voice in this crazy world of fashion and accessories, what with her discriminating sense of style and all!

We hope you enjoy getting to know Miss Lilly.  She is quite the character and promises to sit still for future photographs…and how could they be anything but adorable?  Just look at that face!