Pretty In Print

photo: David Lang

We are crazy about patterns!  They add so much to an outfit!  Our favorites for summer include floral, tribal and geometric but really, anything goes!  Like brights and other trends, the key to wearing a pattern well is to wear one key piece.  The rest of your look should be made up of neutrals (denim, gray, black, white and olive…we love olive as a neutral!).

Want to be a total fashionista and mix your patterns?  Try these tips from E-How:

  • Stay in the same color family. You want your patterns to have the same overall hue with certain colors found in each. Brown and orange plaid can work with a brown and orange floral design but will not work with pink and green roses.
  • Vary the pattern sizes. If your plaid happens to be large and loud, pair it with something that has a delicate pattern, like tiny roses with minuscule vines.
  • Play with polka dots. Polka dots are an easy choice to mix, since they are not bogged down with a lot of details and can mesh well with a variety of other patterns.
  • Make sure at least one item is tailored. Unless you want to end up looking like a giant drapery factory, choose a form-fitting blouse with a flowing skirt. Or go for a pencil skirt with a boxy top.
  • Accessorize. Patterns don’t have to be limited to tops and bottoms. You can mix more subtly with a scarf, shoes, hat or belt that plays on the patterns you’ve chosen.
  • Be scant with jewelry. Since your clothing is already making a bold statement, keep the jewelry simple and minimalistic. Do not wear giant baubles on top of two wild patterns or you could easily resemble a thrift store bin.
Some of our favorite prints from Shop Suey Boutique:
Remember, texture can be a print as well!
Left to Right:
Gerry Cross-Body Bag, featured in July People StyleWatch
Eliza Scarf– blue
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