How To Wear Brights To The Office

When you work in a conservative office, it can be a challenge to slip a bright color into your outfit.  You love all the fun colors of summer but you want to look professional and adhere to the proper company dress code.  We understand.  We also know that it is completely appropriate to work a bit of color in and remain tasteful!

Here’s how:

Pick one accessory that compliments your otherwise neutral outfit!

Simple?  Yes!  Here are our favorite brights currently available on Shop Suey Boutique.  They are all office approriate and we promise they will give your outfit that fun summertime feel you so desire!

  • A brightly colored handbag looks stunning against all the neutrals: navy, gray, black, cream and white!
  • A bright bracelet looks stunning peek out from under a blazer!
  • Earrings draw attention to your eyes.  A bit of blue in your earrings will definitely brighten your eye color and make them stand out!

We dare you to bring some summer brights to the office.  We promise they will play nicely with your power suit!

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