What Does Your Handbag Say About You?

Woman's World features Shop Suey Boutique

A great question from Woman’s World…”What does your handbag say about you?” According to them when you carry a designer knockoff (or “designer-inspired” as we like to call it!), “you’re forward thinking achiever!” That’s a pretty nice compliment don’t you think?

Woman's World features Alex Shoulder Bag

In the January 17, 2011 issue of Woman’s World, Shop Suey’s very own Alex Shoulder Bag was featured in an article called “What does your handbag say about you?” Psychologist Sue Firth had a lot to say about handbags in this feature. She said that the type of purse you like best says a lot about who you are: “Handbags are intimate, personal items for women- we pour our lives into them, and they reflect our personality and priorities!”

Wow! Who knew that the type of handbag you purchased could tell the world so much about you? And we just thought we were buying it because it was cute!

If you enjoy shopping for designer-inspired handbags like the Alex, we have more to tell you…

“You never let obstacles stop you from achieving your goals, “says Firth. “You know the importance of taking time to dream about what you want, and that’s reflected in your choice of an aspirational bag!”

While many gorgeous handbags, with a variety of styles, were featured, the quilted Alex stood out like a super star! Thanks Woman’s World for the wonderful feature!

If you are, or want to be, a forward-thinking achiever then we have some designer-inspired handbags for you!  Might we recommend a few of our best sellers?

Alex Shoulder Bag

Designer-inspired Alex Shoulder Bag

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Designer-inspired Claire Satchel

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