Four Holiday Hairstyles To Show Off Great Earrings

This is the month for parties!  In fact, you likely attend more social gatherings in December than you do any other month of the year (unless you are a socialite like Paris Hilton, of course).  In light of the ongoing festivities, we’ve had fun talking about fashion and party wear!  We’ve talked about which clutch is perfect for your holiday look, the Six Easy Steps To Perfect Holiday Style, and we’ve taken inspiration from the Shop Suey Society on how to style a budget friendly holiday look. But, there is an area that we have not covered that needs addressing.

With so many social engagements this month, you may be running out of ideas for your hair! You want your look to be sexy and fun, like Carrie Underwood‘s in the picture above, not to mention in a style that shows off your stunning earrings (like Shop Suey’s Marissa Earrings). After all, what is the point of wearing fabulous earrings if they are hidden behind your hair?! We’ve found four styles that we think are note worthy:

For more hairstyle inspiration and to learn how to create these festive styles, click over to see the Hair Dare: 30 Days of Holiday Hairstyles on

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