Perfect Pairs: Hats and Handbags

There is something so perfectly right about a beautiful hat in the fall! The addition of a fall hat brings sophistication and balance to a layered look. When paired with the right handbag, your look is an inspiration to everyone you meet!  Just look at how fabulous Gwen Stefani pulls off the perfect hat/handbag combo- it’s effortless!

You never want to just throw on a fashion hat as an after thought and head out the door like a man would throw on his favorite team hat.  No, the hat is an important piece to the total look so plan carefully! Start with the accessories: think about the hat’s structure and which handbag will compliment it. With these two items established, your outfit selection will be a breeze!

Shop Suey Perfect Hat and Handbag Pairs:

Refined and Classic: The Annie Hat and Marley Shoulder Bag have everything a woman could want for a classic look: clean lines, a streamlined silhouette, and a simple design that will definitely stand the test of time.

Funky and Fabulous: The Alex Hat and Penelope Hobo are paired to bring lots of personality to your look!

Serious Style: Who isn’t embracing the military style this season?!  It is hot-hot-hot!  Pair the Nikki Hat and Colleen Satchel for great style during your next adventure!

Game on! Cheering for the same team with the same name, the sporty combo of the Lindy Cross Body Bag and Lindy Hat will help your look score points on day trips to the amusement parks, short hikes or a Friday night football game at the local high school!

Strolling Style: The Eva crochet beanie and scarf combo keeps you cozy and stylish for a night time stroll while window shopping.  The brilliant blue Libby clutch keeps your look bright and cheery and holds your cash just in case you find something you simply must buy!  Not matchy-matchy but oh, so right!

Find your perfect pair on Shop Suey Boutique then leave a comment below sharing with us what you picked!

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