Shop Suey Society Welcomes Makeover Momma

Your name: Bailey Vincent Clark
Your blog’s name: Makeover Momma

Tell us about your blog: Makeover Momma is a resource to help women feel fit, fashionable and fabulous after kids, no matter their budget or lifestyle.

Why do you think Shop Suey Boutique is a good fit for your readers? I think Shop Suey Boutique is a fabulous fit because my readers are women who appreciate good fashion; they love the way an accessory can punch up an outfit… but they also value practicality. For example, we don’t look at purses just for their style and flare as moms, but rather how many toys, fruit snacks and bottles we can squeeze inside.

If you could only wear one accessory, what would it be? Necklace, Ring, Bracelet, Earrings, Hat or Scarf? I tend to love a good hat because it hides gross-mommy-hair-days, but a scarf can also make an outfit look like you put some effort into it (even if it’s your third day in a row wearing it). I tend to skip major jewelry when my kids are young, because they always end up destroying (but nothing is better than big, dramatic earrings when your hair up).

Your purse style- “the bigger the better to haul all your essentials” or “small in size but makes a big statement”? Definitely the bigger the better. I love to have a purse that doubles as a diaper bag so I don’t have to haul tons of different bags whenever we leave the house. My purses may not look very stylish on the inside of course, but no one is the wiser.

How many handbags do you own? I own maybe 5 handbags, but most are not the prettiest girl at the party anymore. I am so excited to start using the Christina Satchel from Shop Suey Boutique because it has plenty of pockets inside, but looks so luxe from the outside. It’s also pretty lightweight, so will likely give me less of a back ache.

High Heels or Flats? Both. I was a ballerina for most of my life, so my feet so much as look at a pair of heels and they start hurting. I have to come at shoes from a practically standpoint, so flats are always essential (as long as they’re made from soft, comfortable material). But there is nothing better than a great pair of heels or boots for special occasions.

On your next girl’s night out, you’ll likely wear…. A dress. I love dresses because it’s a “one stop shop”: you put it on, you add accessories and you’re done. I think almost every woman knows what works for her, and there is nothing wrong with having a “uniform” of flattering outfits that you can grab easily when you’re in a hurry. Most of my wardrobe is dresses (some for fall and some for summer), and then I pair them with comfortable boots, a scarf and a jacket in the winter, or some big funky jewelry in the summer.

Your dream vacation would be…. Believe it or not, my favorite place on earth is a small lake in Georgia. I grew up taking summer vacations there, but my family (husband and two girls) have never been. My dream would be to rent a house and just relax on the lake for a few weeks (but dare I say a little bit of Disney World thrown in wouldn’t be shabby either?)

Do you consider your personal style more “rocker chic”, “lady-like” or “au naturel’? I think I am a mix of bohemian, balletic influences and “lady like” pieces. I used to dress based on what I wanted to look like, but now I finally dress based on reality. I don’t waste my time on trends or shapes that I know would look bad on my body. I try and dress for my body, dress for my lifestyle (which means comfort is key) and then of course dress to feel good about myself.

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