Shop Suey Society Welcomes The I.E. Mommy

Your name: Christine Fernandez

Your blog’s name The I.E. Mommy

Tell us about your blog:
I have a lot of reviews and giveaways on my blog. They cover the gamut from home and family to the wonderful world of fashion, jewelry and makeup. My tag line is Faith, Family and Fashion which exemplifies who I am as a women. I don’t think I fit in one box and don’t believe that my readers do either. I can love the Lord, love lipstick and love being a mom all in one package that is “me”

Why do you think Shop Suey Boutique is a good fit for your readers?
First, of all…who doesn’t love phenomenal accessories? I know my readers love to learn about successful companies and great opportunities. Those that follow my blog know that being a mom and wife is just a part of being a woman…so they will be thrilled to learn more and more about Shop Suey Boutique.

If you could only wear one accessory, what would it be? Necklace, Ring, Bracelet, Earrings, Hat or Scarf? Without a doubt, a ring. I have a passion for rings. The bigger, the bolder, the better. Whether they are 14kt or Fashion…I love the way you can express your personality and style with one item.

Your purse style- “the bigger the better to haul all your essentials” or “small in size but makes a big statement”?
“The Bigger the Better….” unless it is a special occasion where a huge bag is not appropriate. Otherwise you’ll find me with a large bag. I have twin girls and it has become a necessity to have a big bag to carry all their items and mine!

How many handbags do you own? Approximately 40

High Heels or Flats? Definitely High Heels! I love the way that high heels elongate your legs and make your calves and feet so sexy.

On your next girl’s night out, you’ll likely wear…. High heels, leggings and a cute tunic top…with great jewelry and accessories, or course!

Your dream vacation would be…. I have to admit I am not an adventurous traveler so I am very happy returning to Maui, Hawaii or any of the other islands for that matter over and over again. The quietness of the island, the warmth of the ocean and the time with my family make Maui a dream vacation spot for me.

Do you consider your personal style more “rocker chic”, “lady-like” or “au naturel’? Hmmm… hard to say. I’ve been told that I have an eclectic style. To which I was first offended because I thought she “eccentric” and who really wants to be called that unless you are 80? I think every situation demands a new fashion “persona” so I am likely to be seen in jeans and flip-flops as often as I am in high heels and a beautiful skirt and top.

Find Christine on The I.E. Mommy and Twitter @iemommy

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