Shop Suey Society Welcomes Boutique Cafe

Your name: Emily Hill

The blog participating in Shop Suey Society:

Tell us about it: Boutique Cafe is a site that first became popular because Daria, the site’s owner, hosted popular weekly podcasts for moms all over the world. Since then we’ve seen great success in our first four years of operation and have gained thousands of subscribers to the shows as well as many thousands of visitors to our site each day. We have a feature on the Boutique Cafe site called the Daily Dish, where we feature amazing, must-have products throughout the week. This is where I will be featuring Shop Suey Boutique products.

Why do you think Shop Suey Boutique is a good fit for your readers? I’ve been writing product reviews on this site for over four years and we have established a great readership. Our readers know we will be honest and forthright in our reviews. We feature everything from baby and children items to health and fitness gear, but our readers especially love fashion!

If you could only wear one accessory, what would it be? Necklace, Ring, Bracelet, Earrings, Hat or Scarf? Hmmm…it would be a tie between earrings and a ring. Fabulous earrings are always my first choice!

Your purse style- “the bigger the better to haul all your essentials” or “small in size but makes a big statement”? Wow, another great question! If you saw my closet you’d know my style is whatever works with my outfit and the occasion. I have everything from oversized hobo-style bags to the tiniest of clutches. Overall my go-to bag is a medium-size bag perfect for a wallet, small cosmetic case for my plethora of lip glosses, a couple business card holders, a reusable tote, cell phone, gum, car keys and sunglasses.

How many handbags do you own? Counting everything from the aforementioned oversized hobo bag to the tiny clutch? Probably around 15.

High Heels or Flats? High heels unless it’s a kindergarten field trip, then I might choose flats.

On your next girl’s night out, you’ll likely wear….
dressy skinny jeans, fitted top or tank with cropped cardigan, dangly earrings and 4-inch heels.

Your dream vacation would be…
a week in Hawaii, the Caribbean or two weeks in the Mediterranean. Any place with a white sandy beach, crystal blue water and warm weather is fine by me!

Do you consider your personal style more “rocker chic”, “lady-like” or “au naturel’?
When I’m not in my pj’s, I prefer flirty casual or sexy casual. (Yes, I just coined those phrases.) It means jeans, dressier t-shirt and heels. And don’t forget the fabulous earrings.

Find Emily on, her personal blog and on Twitter @emihill

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