Introducing The Shop Suey Society

Shop Suey Boutique is setting out on a new adventure along side some pretty savvy bloggers. We’ve teamed up with 5 amazing blogs to bring you Shop Suey Society. Each month the Society will feature their reviews of products from Shop Suey Boutique, give you their opinions of the merchandise, share pictures so you can get an up-close look at the products and offer special discount codes for you to shop with! We are excited to be working with this exclusive group of bloggers as they help introduce Shop Suey to the online world! They are our “haut monde” living on a Shop Suey budget.

Meet the Shop Suey Society:

The Art of Accessories– DWJ is a makeup-loving, shoe-buying, handbag-hoarding shopaholic who recognizes that style truly is an art form. DWJ shares what she wears and what she loves on The Art of Accessories.  We can’t wait to see how DWJ rocks her Shop Suey designer-inspired accessories!

Follow DWJ on Twitter: @theaofa

The Looks for Less– Jennifer covers everything from styling your favorite dress to create a variety of unique looks, DIY projects, and of course celebrity and designer looks for less. She has an amazing eye for detail and a fantastic sense of style. Her Shop Suey looks will be ones to imitate, for sure!

Follow Jennifer on Twitter: @TheLooksForLess

The IE Mommy– Christine’s motto: Faith, Family, Fashion – Trying to Live to His Glory. Covering fashion, beauty, books, kids products, photography and much more, The IE Mommy is a place you can feel at home. Christine shares her love for many topics in a very personal way. You’ll leave feeling like you’ve made a friend! We’ll be watching to see the true fashionista reveal herself in her Shop Suey merch!

Follow Christine on Twitter: @iemommy

Makeover Momma: Bailey runs this website for busy, budgeted mothers who want to feel fit, fashionable and fabulous after having kids, just like herself. She dives into all things beauty and loves to share via video. (Be sure to check out her show Makeover Momma TV!). Bailey will be the blogger to embrace the fabulous prices at Shop Suey and show you how to make your accessories work with many outfits!

Follow Bailey on Twitter: @makeovermomma

A Mom in Red High Heels– Tammy offers up beauty and style tips that moms can actually work into their hectic schedules to look effortlessly fantastic. She believes that life should be a bit glamorous even when raising your kids! Putting on a pair of red high heels is the perfect way to add that glamour to the every day routine! We can’t wait to see what Shop Suey accessories Tammy wears with her red high heels!

Follow Tammy on Twitter: @amominred

These insiders have excellent taste and we believe they’ll find Shop Suey’s designer-inspired accessories to be their new go-to outfit embellishments! Watch for their reviews coming soon!

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