The Modern Look of Lace

The look of lace can be soft and feminine or spicy and sleek.  Lace is timeless and used in many fashions today but if not worn carefully, it can be rather aging and old fashion.  Here are some tips to wear lace in a classy, modern way this fall:

  • Wear lace with leather.  The fusion of materials work nicely together to give you a balanced look that is neither too tough nor too sweet.
  • Pair with tweed for a refined lady-like presentation.
  • Pair with tailored pinstripes for a power-look with just a glimpse at your feminine side.
  • Work one beautiful piece and keep the rest of your look understated.
  • Pair lace with bold colors for a winning formula that will make you stand out in the crowd!
  • Work the soft appeal of lace by creating a boho chic look, wearing a loose lace top over leggings and boots.
  • Skip the shear.  The world can do without your exposed skin under lace.  Instead, add a skin-toned cami!
  • Wear lace accessories, like the Belinda Satchel or detailed bracelet, to compliment an otherwise untextured outfit.

In the end, lace should be used as an accent to the total look.  Never dress head-to-toe lace or you’ll end up looking like your grandmother’s table doily.  Moderation is key.

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