Update last year’s summer wardrobe with new accessories for a fresh warm weather look! You need 5 new pieces to create the perfect look for Summer 2013.

Our top must-have accessories for summer:


Earrings make a statement

Earrings can take your look from edgy to glamorous to flirty to fun! They add so much personality to your style and are truly a key element to any look.


handbags found on Pinterest (not actual Shop Suey Boutique stock)

How cool is it when you purchase an awesome handbag only to discover it has ANOTHER handbag inside it as part of the design!  Pretty exciting, right? Here is some news you are going to love…


List to Santa
Which handbag do you want dear old Santa to bring to you this year?  So many choices….


Earlier in the month we took a look at Selena Gomez and her fabulous spring style. One key element we pointed out was her sideways cross pendant. This jewelry trend has taken off with celebrities like Selena, Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Ripa, Miley Cyrus and many others who are wearing the look.

We have answered the demand for this trend by stocking up on many fabulous pieces!  Here are 6 of our favorites (and plenty more to fit your style are available!)


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